Our check-off program can help every ready mixed concrete producer nationwide.


The RMC Check-Off program incorporates benefits common to all check-off programs:

  • Check-off programs are flexible “organizational” templates that are structured by any group of commodity producers to fund efforts that increase demand for their products.
  • Check-off programs have proven themselves over 20 years for their ability to generate a healthy return on every dollar invested by their participants.
  • Check-off programs are created by producers to generate the funding sufficient to promote their commodities, research their products and educate their audiences.
  • Check-off programs helps individual commodity producers who lack the resources for large-scale promotional efforts pull together to make their voices heard in the market.
  • Check-off programs generate funding from commodity producers who structure how their program is administered and define a rate at which they will assess themselves.
  • Check-off programs readily adapt to commodity producers’ changing needs and the dynamics of their markets, helping them make sure they never miss an opportunity.